Non-profit organization – Minyan Mishpakhti

The Minyan Mishpakhti in Kfar Vradim operates as a non-profit organization by the name of “HaMinyan HaMishpakhti in Kfar Vradim”, registered number 58-040716-1.

The organization’s objective is supporting in Kfar Vradim a conservative and egalitarian family community, and a synagogue in this spirit, where the organization and the Minyan Mishpakhti members and the people living in the village may come to pray on Fridays and Sabbaths, Jewish and Israeli holidays. 

The synagogue serves as home for the NOAM (the Masorti Youth movement) activities, as well as the various community activity such as: holiday celebrations; private and public events; celebration of family birthdays, Brit Milah, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, weddings and other lifetime milestones; national and private memorial days; study and classes of Judaism; lectures and more.

The organization members are member of the Minyan who pay annual membership fees, who have requested to be members of the Minyan Mishpakhti and paid a one-time fee of 50 NIS. Organization members have the right to elect and be elected for the various offices, and also the right to vote at the general assembly.

The synagogue and organization activity is financed by donations from Israel and abroad, an by the annual membership fees paid by members.

Illustration of the organization committeeThe organization or the Minyan’s committee is the body responsible for managing the day to day life and are accountable to the general assembly for performing the required duties.

The organization’s head is elected by the general assembly and carries out his/her office on voluntary basis.

The committee members are Minyan and organization members, who perform their duties on voluntary basis.

The organization’s financial manager (volunteer) is elected by the general assembly.

The organization’s accounant (volunteer) is elected by the general assembly.

The organization’s attourney (volunteer) is elected by the general assembly.

The community Rabbi is appointed by the general assembly and is paid a salary by the organization.

פוסט זה זמין גם ב: Hebrew

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