A Short Visit fromt Margate Florida

 A Short Visit fromt Margate Florida

Who was available on Wednesday, November 13, and  read  Rabbi Natalie’s message on the What’sup, inviting members of our community to welcome a small delegation, about ten people members of Bet-Am Temple in Margate Florida, who have been on a short visit to our country (for some of them it was the first time in  Israel, though their children had already visited here in various settings). led by Rabbi Samuel Kieffer. They came after a visit to Rosh Hanikra, on our very northern border.  They were very happy to meet a number of our community members, who were able to come at such a short notice and enjoy a cup of coffee break and nice conversation with us.  

They were impressed by our beautiful beth knesset, the wall of the Holy Ark and the view from it, as well as the wonderful view surrounding the building. Looking to the West they could see how close Kfar Vradim is to Tarshiha, an arab village, a real proof thatt living and working together is not a drea, it is  really possible.

Rabbi Natali talked about the Conservative movement in Israel, the work being done here in the region and the mission of the movement, among all progressive Judaism movements, to access Judaism on its various streams to non-Orthodox Jews, both in Israel and abroad. A small Dvar Torah, (impossible to have a small group gathering without it!) the portion of last week, Lech Lecha, Abraham and his moves, was he right not to argue with God when he was ordered to scarify his only son Isaac

They also head about our work in the field of the various communities living together in the Galilee, Sukkat Shalom and more.

It was a very friendly pleasant and enjoyable time spent with friends that for a speck of time made all participants very happy.

Welcome you all if and when you visit Israel again!


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