Rav Siach project with Shomrei Emunah

 Rav Siach project with Shomrei Emunah. A year and a half ago our Raba Natalie visited this congregation at Montclair NJ. At that time I was staying with my brother at a near by community, and joined her for an evening meeting with the congragants. 

 Since, I joined their Kol Emunah mailing list and I am getting mails with information about what it’s members do and write about

Rabbi David Goldstein publishes a  weekly  Dvar Torah, which I often read. I have asked his permission to include those in Koleinu, for the benefit of our English members and readers. Though I received his blessing I have not published it yet. Different time zones makes it arrive too late for the current Parashat Hashavua.

 I guess I can use those Torah Sparks (as Rabbi David calls them)  in the next week’s Koleinu and it will still make an interesting reading, especially as he connects the biblical stories to today’s events.

The portion of “Balaq” tells us about Balaq’s fear from B’nei Israel, that makes him call Bilam and pay him in order to curse them.  Isn’t it the same  modern fear the source of hatered, that brings the President of USA today to his decisions in this matter?! 

Isn’t it the same kind of fear that leads our politicians, in today’s Israel  to all kinds of impossible decisions facing the same problem?! 

If I may add that Fear of anything new, is the cause the Orthodox factions and politicians, try to oppose modern ideas that the new .movements in Judaism bring and try to imply

: Click the link for Rabbi David Goldstein’s torah sparks



פוסט זה זמין גם ב: Hebrew

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