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 Following please find an appeal from Yizhar Hess, the Masorti Movement CEO which is self explanatory:

“Our Friend Rabbi Paul Friedman is working these days on the production of Today’s Israel, the Internet Magazine, which is distributed to Conservative Communities in North America.

We invite you to submit interesting and fascinating articles about your community. 

Few Guidelines:

  1.  Each article should be submitted in English, Word format 250-300 words
  2.  The Headline should be “eye catching” including 2-3 extract sentences, to attract people to open and read it. 
  3.  It is advised to add colored photos in jpg or pdf format, with a short explanation to each
  4. Has to be submitted not later then February 7 2018, to Rabbi Paul Friedman Mail:

With Luck


פוסט זה זמין גם ב: Hebrew

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