Happy Purim at our Minyan at Kfar Vradim

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Wish to extend our best wishes happy Purim and Hag Sameach to our sister congregations and friends at Shomrey Emuna in Montclair and Adat Shalom in Morris county, NJ
As well as all our friends and supporters in Israel and abroad.

Purim this year at our Minyan Synagogue was a lovely event.
Started with the Megillah reading by our members Nathan Golan, Offer David, Osnat ur-loiter, Ethan Matlaw, our Raba Natalie and a guest by the name of Miriam who volunteered to read with a beautiful singing voice! Thanks to all.
The Raashanim made a lot of noise, condemning Hamman every time his name was mentioned.
Sure the exited children all in different costumes were trying in vain but instead – well, we all know how our Sabras can keep quiet for the long time it takes to read the whole “Maisse”.
Next came the “Havdala” led by Noam instructors. It was beautiful! Everyone shared in the blessings and singing moving to the rhythm, smelling of the Bessamim and wine.
Refreshments and a lot of drinks to make everyone happy were served, dancing followed. Yuli Ribak Noam activist and instructor was in charge of the Mishloach Manot lottery. Must compliment her for a well executed job!

The parade of costumes was beautifully done by Noam’s group, calling each one by name to perform and show the character they portrayed, giving time to ponder and evaluate who is to one to win the best costume prize…..
Well done Noam members, Nili Eldar and offer Ribak, who are in charge of our youth movement activities.
Not to forget the already traditional Mishloach Manot to all of Kfar Vradim Senior citizens.
Noam, Kinder Gardens and Bait Bahoresh Hostel, participated in the preparations and organization of this project of sharing respect and love with all of our seniors. On the afternoon of the designated day groups of Noam Children accompanied and driven by volunteers very proudly “knocked on every door” to greet and bring happiness and joy of Purim.
We are very proud that the Friends from the Hostel are part of Noam and the Synagogue activities all through the years, and were happy to welcome quite a number of them who came to celebrate Purim with us, feeling so naturally at home with congregation, youth movement and children.
Some of the photos taken during the Purim fest follow.

Some photos taken at congregation  Shomrei Emunah in Montclair, our Sister congregation (thanks to Rabbi david Greenstein)

פוסט זה זמין גם ב: Hebrew

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