Rav Siach – Cooperation with “Shomrei Emuna” Community in Montclair NJ

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 Rabba Natalie Lasterger visited Kehilat Shaomrie Emunah at Montclaire NJ, on February 22, and had good meetings with congregants and leaders of the community.  As we are at the moment in New Jersey, very close to Montclair, Micha and I, as well as my dear brother Benny and his wife Bela,  joined in the last event of the day.  Rabba Natalie will take the time to write her views later as she is very busy at the moment. 

Reading the Kehila Newsletter I have found a letter to the Editor, written by Nick Levitin, in which he refers to his feeling about the issue, much talked about here immigration, expressing his feelings about it and calling other members to add their comments and views.

Although there is a big difference between the USA and Israel as the first one was established as a place for all immigrants, and our   Israel had been defined from the start as a Jewish state, I think that our moral and humanitarian feelings on those issues are not too different.

.I find that there is a place for us to participate on our side of the world and you are invited to do so

Asked and was kindly permitted by the editor of “Kolemunah” to use this letter, to which he is co-editor.

Thanks you Nick Levitin and John Lasiter. 

the following link will open the new newsletter in which you can find John Lasiter’s post on Rabba Natalie’s visit including the beautiful   photos Nick took at the event. If interested you can also subscribe as I did and get it to your mail


We added John Lasiter, as per his request to our Koleinu Mailing list and I do expect  and will be very grateful for some assistance from our English speaking members in writing English or translations of some of the interesting ones in our newsletter .

Shabat Shalom to all

Esthi David


Letter to the Editor: How We Treat Refugees & Immigrants

Nick Levitin Makes IntroductionsBeing a member of this community, which I love so much, I can’t help but wonder what these times demand of me as an individual and of us as a community.

From my perspective, the essence of what we learn here at Shomrei during our Shabbat services and our various religiously oriented classes is that we are required to be holy –– as we attempt to be with MESH and IHN –– to respond to the world in such a way that makes it a better place, especially for the less fortunate among us.

My grandparents could not enter the United States as refugees. They died as a result. My parents were refugees and because of what this country made possible for them, they lived safe, productive and meaningful lives. They were always grateful and never forgot, for a moment, the safety and the new world that America provided them.

In part because of that history, I feel called upon to simply do something in response to recent events. I would like to know if there are others at Shomrei who feel as I do and if they would be willing to work together as members of our community to address issues related to refugees, immigration and other critical areas of concern.

Please feel free to write in to Kol Emunah, or contact me privately, if you are interested. If we as a group can combine our efforts with others to address these critical issues, we have a chance to represent our spiritual community at its best.

If you disagree with this request, I certainly respect your right to do so. I would like to hear from you and to learn your reasons.

I think it important that, if nothing else, we as a community begin to have this conversation. The times we live in demand our attention wherever we stand. Perhaps we can find some common ground and as a result, do some good.

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One comment on “Rav Siach – Cooperation with “Shomrei Emuna” Community in Montclair NJ
  1. masorti says:

    Very true words.
    However, I wonder who these “refugees” are of which the author speaks. If he refers to the recent wave of migrants from the Muslim countries – they are NOT refugees, and they have no intention, contrary to the author;s parents, to become law-abiding fruitful hard-working citizens carrying their own load.
    And if you ask me how I know this- it’s evident from the behaviour of the other members of the same wave all over the world. They have come to take, not to give or build or participate.
    So, while you are very noble (and even, just living up to the values instilled in you by your parents) – the vast majority of these migrants will take from you what they came to take, and if you refuse to just give it to them – they will take it by force.
    How should you treat that, I wonder?
    This is a new situation, and it requires, in my opinion, a different approach. And naturally, to start seeing them as they are, and not as you were. The difference is, again, intent.

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