Rav Siach, is the Name Chosen for a Program Initiated by the Masorti Movement in Israel and the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs


[shashin type=”photo” id=”7447″ size=”medium” columns=”1″ order=”user” position=”left”]Rav Siach is the Hebrew word for a multi-party discourse, and it is the name chosen for a program initiated by the Masorti Movement in Israel and the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, designed to provide Conservative Masorti congregations worldwide and Masorti communities in Israel with a platform which would enable them to connect and form relationships between Israeli and Diaspora rabbis and their respective communities. Rav Siach aspires to cultivate a dialogue between the communities, which will grapple with key issues confronting Israeli society and Diaspora communities.
The program is largely centered on communication between the participating rabbis and congregations, developing educational content about Israel, Israeli society, Israeli culture, the Israeli-Jewish calendar, Jewish life-cycle, etc

link to the program site


 Our Minyan is one of the Israeli congregations participating in this program, and Rabba Natalie’s journey to the USA for the Rabbis Convention will enable her a visit to Kehilat Shomrei Emunah, in Montclair, NJ, and another one at Morris, NJ. The meetings will take place on Wednesday 22, February and Thursday 23, February. 

As Micha and I are now very close to those 2 congregations, we were glad to accept Rabba Natalie’s invitation to join her to one or both of those meetings.

I received the material prepared for Natalie’s meetings, a beautiful and illuminating 20th Anniversary addition. It incorporates a lot of information, optimism and hope for future activities as well as the story of our congregation through our 20 years of existence.  We hope to see it in our official site for everyone to see in the near future.

All appreciation and a lot of thanks go to Susan Rand-Lakritz and Rabba Natalie who invested a lot of time, thoughts and work in this Newsletter, and the respectful Visit Cards that were prepared for these meetings but will be useful in future too.

Esthi David 



פוסט זה זמין גם ב: Hebrew

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