Kalnoit Service to and from the Shule through Yom Kippur

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 We are very glad to let you know that we are going to have the Kalnoit Service (electrical vehicle) from and to the Minyan Mishpachti Masorti Scule during Yom Kippur. It will be operated by a non Jewish driver.  

Time table for the service:

  1.    After Kol Nidrey Prayer from the Schule
  2. Around 09:00 for Shacharit Prayers
  3.  Around 14:00 from the Schule after Musaf Prayers
  4. At 16:00 for Mincha prayers and end of the fast

Please let us know if you wish to be included in this service, and which of the numberd ones you will be needing

You may call Esthi Davi : 0545-319164

or Email to: esthidavid@gmil.com


 Please let us have your cell phone number and e-maill address

Hatima Tova and Shabat Shalom



פוסט זה זמין גם ב: Hebrew

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