Happy Passover and Time Table for the Pessach prayers

14-Mar-2007 03:24


the members of the Minyan Mishpachti at Kfar Vradim wish all our congregants and supporters a happy Pessach.

please find below the time table for all the events for this Pessach:

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Happy Purim at our Minyan at Kfar Vradim

15-Mar-2014 20:10


Wish to extend our best wishes happy Purim and Hag Sameach to our sister congregations and friends at Shomrey Emuna in Montclair and Adat Israel in Morris county, NJ

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Rav Siach – Cooperation with “Shomrei Emuna” Community in Montclair NJ

Rabba Natalie Lasterger visited Kehilat Shaomrie Emunah at Montclaire NJ, on February 22, and had good meetings with congregants and leaders of the community. As we are at the moment in New Jersey, very close to Montclair, Micha and I, as well as my dear brother Benny and his wife Bela, joined in the last event of the day. Rabba Natalie will take the time to write her views later as she is very busy at the moment.

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Rav Siach, is the Name Chosen for a Program Initiated by the Masorti Movement in Israel and the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs

Rav Siach is the Hebrew word for a multi-party discourse, and it is the name chosen for a program initiated by the Masorti Movement in Israel and the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, designed to provide Conservative Masorti congregations

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מן הנעשה בתנועה המסורתית

ההודעה השבועית – באים לכנסת

ביום שני, 30.5.16, כ”ב באייר תשע”ו יקיים מכון ‘על משמר הכנסת’ יום עיון מיוחד בכנסת לחברי וחברות התנועה המסורתית ולעוקבי המכון בנושא דת ומדינה. הביקור בכנסת יכלול סיור מודרך במשכן הכנסת וכן פגישות ושיחות עם חברי וחברות כנסת בכירים. המטרה היא להכיר יותר ולהשפיע על הנעשה מאחורי הקלעים בכנסת בתחום יחסי הדת ומדינה. אנו מזמינים את חברות וחברי התנועה להשתתף ביום המרתק. להרשמה לחצו כאן

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Shabbat Shalom

Shabat Shalom members and receipients of Koleinu  This week’s Koleinu has more posts then usual, some of them you may read in English.  At the end of each post which is translated there is an indication about it, a click and  it

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Condolences from beyond the sea

This week I have received the following letter:
I just saw the news and I’m speechless and shocked…

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Kalnoit Service to and from the Shule through Yom Kippur

We are very glad to let you know that we are going to have the Kalnoit Service (electrical vehicle) from and to the Minyan Mishpachti Masorti Scule during Yom Kippur. It will be operated by a non Jewish driver.

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Rabbi Nathalie Lastreger Contact details

מערוץ הילדים החדש

מערוץ הילדים החדש


Please pay attention to the following contact detailss for our congregation Rabbi:

e-mail address :

Cell phone: 050-5249101

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Shabat Shalom

We wish all our Minyan Members and friends Shabat Shalom

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Welcome Nathalie Lastreger!

חתימת חוזה עם הרבה נטלי לסטרג'ר

חתימת חוזה עם הרבה נטלי לסטרג'ר


We wish to extend our warmest welcome to Ms. Natalie Lasterger who is our Minyan Rabbi as from now and wish her all the very best, easy and soft landing in our community, our nice village in beautiful Western

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Yishar Koach! to volunteers at the Cemetary

אמנות מהאתר של ירון פאר

אמנות מהאתר של ירון פאר15-Aug-2007 18:46


ur appreciations go to Galit Haim and Susan Rand-Lakritz for the “last rights” the true charity (dealing with the departed) work they are doing. YisharKoach!
Susan just mentioned that she had taken part in a complete ״circle of life״ events this past week: a Brit-milah, a wedding, first time as a Bat Mitzvah laying of phylacteries and a funeral; and all this in less than 24 hours

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looking for “Hessed Emet” Volunteers

We are in great need of volunteers (both genders) to join the circle of people active in “Hessed Emet” at the cemetary. We are just too few people and have to rely on assistance of volunteers from outside the Kfar who are not always available. It is a special and great “Mitzva”! He or she who are able to assist are invited to get in touch with our Chairman Offer David. Cellphone 0523-793448 or e-mail address

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Students Grants for Poland Memorial Travels

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Mazal Tov Ninel

Dear Ninel, Mazal Tov on the birth and brit-milah of your new grandson Daniel. Our best wishes to you and the whole happy family.

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Mazal Tov to Nethanella and Ran

Our hearty Mazal Tov greetings and best wishes to Bess and Maerton on the occasion of their daughter Nethanella’s wedding to Ran, this past week

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From the Editor’s Desk

Sivan Yechieli’s exciting FB post about the special needs kid’s Bar Mitsva, celebrated at the Minyan’s Synagogue, a very emotional reaction from a guest at Kabalat Shabbat who admitted it was her first time to touch a Sidur, in addition to a conversation we had about the importance, duties and activities of our Minyan bring me to try to articulate what I see in, and feel about it.

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Congratulations to Judy Golan

We are very hap py to congratulte our Minyan member Judy Golan for her winning of 2nd prize for her research

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Accessing Schul on Yom Kippur

For few months I have been checking options to organize transportation to Schul on Yom Kippur for our members who can no longer walk the distance. For those the meaning is either stay at home and not participate in

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Transportation to Synagogue

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We are trying to organize transportation to the Minyan Beth Knesset for Yom Kippur.

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