Picture Gallery – The New Synagogue

Here are some photo albums regarding our new synagogue. Clicking on an album image shall open all the album’s pictures, and you may view them:

  • one by one, separately, by clicking on a picture and then closing the picture window afterwards;
  • or as a slideshow, by clicking on the first picture and then on > on the right to see the next one; closing the picture window at the end of viewing.

To go back to the gallery, click on the link above the pictures.  Enjoy.

174 Photos in 151 Albums
Interior & custom-made elements 1537586996, 23 Images
Exterior views 1537586996, 5 Images
Synagogue front patio 1537586996, 5 Images
Synagogue Corner Stone 1537586996, 94 Images
Relocating Torah Scrolls 2012 1537586996, 47 Images

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