Picture Gallery – Beit Midrash

Here are some photo albums of various Beit Midrash and study classes and seminars which are taking place in our community. Clicking on an album image shall open all the album’s pictures, and you may view them:

  • one by one, separately, by clicking on a picture and then closing the picture window afterwards;
  • or as a slideshow, by clicking on the first picture and then on > on the right to see the next one; closing the picture window at the end of viewing.

To go back to the gallery, click on the link above the pictures. Enjoy.

37 Photos in 151 Albums
9 BeAv 2015 1542344539, 2 Images
Organic agriculture 2015 1542344539, 2 Images
Women circle Shvat 2018 1542344539, 14 Images
Limud Tu BeAv 2013 1542344539, 16 Images


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