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Here are some photo albums of various NOAM (Masorti Youth movement) activities in the Kfar Weradim NOAM branch.

Clicking on an album image shall open all the album’s pictures, and you may view them:

  • One by one, separately, by clicking on a picture and then closing the picture window afterwards;
  • or as a slideshow, by clicking on the first picture and then on NEXT to see the next one; closing the picture window at the end of viewing.

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NOAM 1st Kabalat Shabat 2014
NOAM 1st Kabalat Shabat 2014Sep 11, 2014Photos: 42
Shabbaton Noam, June 2014
Shabbaton Noam, June 2014Jul 3, 2014Photos: 9
33 BaOmer 2014
33 BaOmer 2014May 15, 2014Photos: 9
NOAM Purim 2014
NOAM Purim 2014Mar 12, 2014Photos: 15
NOAM The Other and I, 2014
NOAM The Other and I, 2014Feb 27, 2014Photos: 13
NOAM New Year 2013
NOAM New Year 2013Sep 15, 2013Photos: 3
Tapuakh BiDvash
Tapuakh BiDvashSep 1, 2013Photos: 4

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